Google Launches Android 4.4 named Kitkat

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Internet Giant Search Engine Google has released the latest version of Android 4.4 named as Kitkat.


Google has released the next generation smartphone, Nexus 5 having the latest version of Android 4.4, Kitkat. The main feature of Android 4.4 is that it can be run on inexpensive smartphones as well as in the latest and advanced smartphone devices. Sundar Pichai, Google Senior Vice President of Android, Chrome and Apps said at a press event in San Francisco “Now you have one version of the operating system which will run across all versions of Android smartphones,”


The latest features of Android 4.4 version named Kitkat is –


1. Lighter and low budget smartphone.
2. Hands-free voice search across the device.
3. The default SMS app has been integrated into the Hangouts application.
4. Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile)
5. Searches can be made from the web as well as information within the apps users have loaded on their phones.


Nexus 5 is the first phone featuring Kitkat and it is a thin light-weight device, weighing 4.59 oz




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