Google launches ‘Gmail Postmaster Tools’ to Fight Spam

Gmail Postmaster Tools

Google has launched ‘Gmail Postmaster Tools‘ to help fight spam. Limiting spam is a critical piece of any email framework. This tool of Gmail allows qualified high-volume senders to examine their mass emails to filter out which messages are being sent to spam.


Google has announced it in the official Gmail blog, “Gmail users get lots of important email from companies like banks and airlines—from monthly statements to ticket receipts—but sometimes these wanted messages are mistakenly classified as spam. When this happens, you might have to wade through your spam folder to find that one important email (yuck!). We can help senders to do better, so today we’re launching the Gmail Postmaster Tools.


The Gmail Postmaster Tools help qualified high-volume senders analyze their email, including data on delivery errors, spam reports, and reputation. This way they can diagnose any hiccups, study best practices, and help Gmail route their messages to the right place.”


Gmail is also revamping its spam filter by implementing machine learning to detect and block spam and it will be smart enough to filter out phishing scams.


The new filter will also be able to learn what kind of emails you like to read based on your mail reading habits. While you might like reading newsletters, for instance, someone else might see it as spam – the new filter will be able to adapt to you. Google uses an “artificial neural network” to detect and block phishing scams. “We also recognize that not all inboxes are alike,” Somanchi, Google Product Manager said in a blog.