Google Launches New AdWords Editor

Google Launches New AdWords Editor

Google has introduced the new adwords editor 11 as per the announcement made by Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management at Google.



Google Adwords editor was released in 2006 and the new AdWords Editor 11.0 seems to be the biggest update to the application till now. The new editor has some major enhanced features along with new visual design and faster interface for its users.


Geoff Menegay, Product Manager, AdWords Editor wrote in a blog post,”In AdWords Editor 11.0, you can open multiple windows to view different parts of your account at the same time. For instance, you can now open a new window to view your keyword list while creating your ads. You can also easily manage multiple accounts at once by opening as many account windows as you like. Arrange them side by side and even copy and paste or drag-and-drop items between them. You can also add and manage all of your accounts, download data, and monitor status in the new accounts manager”.



The new AdWords Editor 11.0, has also introduced a new panel for selecting type lists so that users can quickly perform common tasks while instantly accessing campaigns, advanced features, and settings. You can also use the new advanced and improved search bar having multiple search criteria and filters.


You can upgrade to new adwords editor which is available globally for Mac and Windows here.