Google launches prepaid debit card for Google Wallet

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Google has unveiled his prepaid debit card for Google Wallet that allows users to withdraw cash from any ATM and use card at any store accepting MasterCards.


Google Wallet is a smartphone online payment app that lets consumers buy goods and transfer money to each other. Now Google unveils Google Wallet Card. This prepaid Google Wallet card allows you to quickly access your Google Wallet balance without having to wait for money to transfer from your Google Wallet Balance to your bank account. You can use this debit card whenever you’ve received money from your friend. Google wallet card can also be use instantly when you have added money directly from any linked bank account or your credit/debit card.


“Your roommate finally paid you back for dinner through Google Wallet, and you want to use that money right away to pay for groceries this week. Now, you can use the new Google Wallet Card to spend the money instantly,” said Sandra Mariano, product manager of Google Wallet, in a blog post(


The card is now available only in the U.S. Google said that the card is free and the company will not charge any kind of monthly or annual fees from cardholders. To access the debit card’s balance at any store or retail and ATM locations, card holders can simply use the same pin code that they already use with your Google Wallet account.


The card can be ordered online and it will takes 10 to 12 days to arrive, according to Google.



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