Google launches reviews for Google Places

Google launched a review section on updated Google Places that give business owners a single place to see all their Business and Customer’s review online.


Verified Business owners who are using Google Places can now see their online reviews all in one place. Also this new Reviews section lets business owners respond directly to comments left by users. To see the reviews in one place, Business owners can visit their Google Profiles, where they’ll find a new “Reviews” section. This review section list all of their customers’ online reviews. Additionally this new review feature also provides some review analytics report that allows business owners to track their performance and online reputation.


It not only list reviews from Google plus but also display customer reviews from around the web. You can directly respond back to your customers and also ask them to give any feedback for business improvement.


Senior product manager Qasar Younis says “Reviews also allows you to start a conversation with your customers by directly responding to comments left by users on Google. Are your customers happy with your service? Thank them for the kind words so they recommend you to their friends. Do they mention some areas for improvement? Ask them for suggestions so they visit you again.”