New Messaging App ‘LokLok’ for Android Lets You Send Photos And Messages Directly From Your Lock Screen

lok lok


With new messaging app for Android, LokLok you can send funny photos and messages directly from your lock screen. It replaces the lock screen of the android phone with a “synchronized whiteboard” allowing you to leave messages and drawings directly on your friends’ lock screens.


So, to send message to any of your friend or group of friends you just start drawing or writing message and even add photos on your phone screen without unlocking it. The app will always be in-sync with you and your favorite group of friends or people.


The company, LokLok explains, “After a few months of improving the app, building new features and fixing bugs, we are very happy to say that LokLok is now publicly available for all Android users. You no longer need an invite to use it and you can connect with whoever you wish.

Since we launched the first version, we’ve had over 10,000 users trying the app and the feedback that we got was outstanding. We’ve had conversations with our Beta testers, added new features, iterated on existing ones and have seen our metrics evolve as a result. During the last weeks, we put a lot of effort on usability, privacy and stability and we now feel that LokLok is solid enough to be open to everyone.”


When you install the app, it replaces the lock screen of your phone with the new one where you can write messages and draw pictures. You can also send an invitation to your friend using this app simply by typing the email address or selecting one from your contacts. It uses the Google account from your android phone. If you accept someone’s invitation, both your lock screens will become synchronized.


“The idea is to use the first interaction that a user has with his phone for the communication process,” explains creator Guillermo Landin, who works as a UX director for Portugal-based Kwamecorp.


With LokLok, you can also doodle on your phone screen and share it with friends. Also a number of editing tools is available to edit the photos including palette, brush-stroke and color.


LokLok is available for Android and can be downloaded at the Google Play store.


The video gives an introduction to the app.