Smartphones can now identify users based on Touch

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Smartphones can now identify users based on Touch. Although smartphones brought great convenience into user’s lives, they also brought with them better opportunity for spy to gain access their personal data. Many smartphones users do not use password protection which can allow others to steal their personal and business information.


Smartphones new software technology ‘SilentSense’ can now identify its users based on touch. SilentSense software is developed by Cheng Bo and his colleagues at the Illinois Institute of Technology and has demonstrated 99% accuracy in tests.


Apart from many other ways for smartphones protection including passwords, pattern matching etc. used by smartphones to identify users, US based scientists have developed a new software to recognize users known as ‘Silent Sense’ which will do identification by the way users tap and swipe on the device screen. The software will do so by recording the unique pattern of duration, pressure, fingertip size and its position when users will interact with their smartphones.


Moreover, this new software will lock out any user whose usage pattern will not match. In tests, a group of 100 users were told to use the smartphone’s touch screen as they would normally. SilentSense was able to identify the smartphone’s owner with 99% accuracy after no more than 10 taps. Even with an average of 2.3 touches , the software was able to verify the user 98% cent of the time. According to reserchers, this software will automatically switches on while working on sensitive applications such as SMS, e-mails, chats etc.


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