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Technical Seminar Series: ‘GIT Pull Requests Best Practices’

Continuing with our ‘Technical Seminar Series’, another noteworthy seminar was conducted on ‘GIT Pull Requests Best Practices’ on the 10th of July by Mr. Hitesh Kumar.


Enumerating upon the various useful practices of engaging in with  ‘Git Pull Request’, the session highlighted the following pointers in general:


  • What is Pull request?
  • Why do we need to create pull request?
  • What is use of GIT branch?
  • How to write code in Php? 
  • How to create Pull Request ?
  • Adding line comments to a pull request


Technical Seminar Series: GIT Pull Requests Best Practices from Singsys Pte Ltd


The seminar was well uptaken in full  zest and vigour by the attendees and was much applauded on the learning notes as well. Significantly the technical workforce received the same with that much anticipated enthusiasm. 


This strategic initiative so as to gauge in Singsys’ Continual Training & Development has come along a long way and happens to continue on its prime objectives with the same zeal!


Technical Seminar Series: Laravel Security Standards

As a part of the continual efforts to accelerate the skill quotient of our technical workforce, Singsys has embarked upon a series of ‘Technical Seminars’. Accordingly, it’s very first version was conducted successfully enumerating ‘Laravel Security Standards’ by our Laravel Expert, Mr. Prasoon Srivastava, and Mr. Prabal Gupta being the Seminar Chair for this session.


“Laravel is the premiere PHP framework for mission-critical, production-ready applications.” 


There’s hasn’t any dilemanal grounds pertaining the supremacy of ‘Laravel’ as a significant development framework, but primal security standards that it offers go un-attended by developers in general. So as to well educate  the laravel developers upon practising significant security standards that Laravel provides, the session was conducted focussing:


  • Reducing Laravel Vulnerabilities From CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery)
  • Protection against XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • Preventing SQL injection By Avoiding Raw Queries
  • Keeping app dependencies up to date
  • Logging All the things
  • Forcing HTTPS if the Application is Exchanging Sensitive Information


Laravel Security Standards from Singsys


The seminar was well lauded by the attendees with significant learning takeaways as well. The initiative of incorporating a checklist of action items along with the regular coding practices per the subject matter was taken up  to ensure maintaining better standards.

Competitive Trends: Acing Core Competencies with Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced Product Development

“To thrive in this new age of hyper-change and growing uncertainty, it is now imperative to learn a new competency – how to accurately anticipate the future.”— Daniel Burrus


This goes down quite well with the ISVs which are on the constant surge to map higher potentialities to keep up the time-to-market and abate technological obsolescence prominent in the ever- upsurging competitive market trends. Accurately anticipating the prospecting insights along with full-fledged focussing upon product development hurdles down the profitability margins. Comes the long way ahead here– “the notion of engaging in outsourced product development”!


ISTQB Credentiality Accomplishment – International Acclamation bagged by Singsys, India


“Potential is not an endpoint but the capacity to grow and learn…”- So well has this been lately conceptualized by our ardent member on board, Mr. Shubham Singh by bagging the renowned ‘International Software Testing Qualifications Board’ Certification.


Top 10 PHP Development Companies in India

PHP is most sought after web development platform on account of being robust, safe, fast, secure and its ability to smoothly work with all major web servers, operating system and database. The dynamic and challenging world of web app development makes it pretty tricky to opt for best PHP development company for website development in India.


An ideal PHP development company is one with a team of PHP developers who have good amount of PHP web app development experience and are ready for taking up any challenge irrespective of technical complexity involved.


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