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This Mother’s Day: How Technology is Changing Parenting for Modern-Day Mothers

This Mother's Day: How Technology is Changing Parenting for Modern-Day Mothers

Every year, on the second Sunday in May, people celebrate Mother’s Day. It is a special day dedicated to honouring the unwavering love, dedication, and sacrifices of mothers worldwide. This tradition dates back to the early 1900s, when a woman named Anna Jarvis started a campaign to create a holiday that recognised the contributions of mothers to society.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day and when did this tradition start?

While the first official Mother’s Day was celebrated in the United States in 1914, the idea quickly gained popularity and spread to other parts of the world. Mother’s Day is celebrated in over 40 countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, and India.


Magento E-commerce Development Services – Get Next Level to Your Business

There are so many e-commerce platforms these days that it can be rather hard for an uninitiated business owner to make the right decision.

Magento E-commerce Development Services

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Google Services Is Down Right Now!


Google users experienced a widespread service disruption today, i.e, on 14 Dec 2020. Google services go down simultaneously in multiple countries. Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, and other Google services showed a significant number of people having trouble accessing those websites.


‘Singsys’ Plog4Society Campaign: All-Inclusive Fitness & Cleanliness Drive


Our Nation celebrated 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2nd Oct 2019 with the special concept of FIT INDIA 2 km Plogging event as a special tribute to our Father of the Nation. In this special tribute to our Father of the Nation, over 60000+ schools, colleges, Organisations, Councils, Panchayats, Corporations, Societies, RWA, NGOs, special interest groups participated and organized events across India.


Reason Behind Success of Social Media Apps Revealed

Social media apps popularity

There are multiple reasons that are behind the popularity of social media but the one that sparked the unprecedented rise of  social media apps as a window to fascinating world of sharing and connections is it allows  users to be  part of a community with shared interests and platform to know others that were very similar to you. It also smartly help users to expand their network, add friends, boost their careers, build connections, recruit employees, and find people with unique skills.