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From Vision to Victory: Thank You Clients and Partners


At Singsys, we have been fortunate to traverse a remarkable journey fuelled by the unwavering belief and trust our clients have bestowed upon us. As we reflect upon our growth, it is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge the pivotal role played by our clients in shaping the trajectory of Singsys.


Magento E-commerce Development Services – Get Next Level to Your Business

There are so many e-commerce platforms these days that it can be rather hard for an uninitiated business owner to make the right decision.

Magento E-commerce Development Services

However, any experienced business owner will know that nothing beats Magento development services. This is a platform that is loaded with the right features and also helps your business grow like anything else. (more…)

SDK or API which is more suitable option for a developer and when?

An API refers to a set of programming instructions and standards a developer uses to access a web tool or database.

SDK is an implementation tool that means a complete set of software development tools for the development of platform-specific apps and it’s a collection of multiple APIs, documentation, and programming tools. Even experienced developers sometimes find it daunting to opt between SDK or API. (more…)

What to Consider when Outsourcing IT Services? Singsys 5 Unmatched Aspects


Selecting the right IT company is a crucial step for any business aiming to establish itself. A proficient team can provide the necessary support for productivity and profitability, while an inadequate team may lead to problems, increased business costs, and numerous headaches. The significance of hiring competent IT professionals lies in their ability to uphold operations, enhance systems, streamline processes, and implement innovative technologies. 


Singsys Software Services: 15 Years of Innovation, Growth, and Excellence


As Singsys Software Services marks its 15th anniversary milestone this month, we reflect on a remarkable journey of growth, innovation, and client satisfaction. Founded in January 2009, Singsys has evolved from a vision to a multinational IT company, leaving an indelible mark in the world of Mobile and Web Application Development.

CEO’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

The foundation of Singsys was laid by Sri Narayan Shukla, an entrepreneur with a remarkable story of perseverance and determination. Starting his professional journey at the tender age of 17, Sri Narayan Shukla initially discontinued his education but later resumed it alongside work, acquiring qualifications in Electronics, AMIETE (Equivalent to B.Tech.), and an MBA.