Android keyboard SwiftKey now coming to iOS

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Android keyboard SwiftKey now coming to iOS
Android most popular SwiftKey could soon be coming to iOS in the form of note taking app that integrates SwiftKey’s popular phrase-prediction keyboard. SwiftKey is the most popular and award winning keyboard app for smartphones which gives you smooth typing experience and it offers the best auto correction predictions.


An image is leaked on twitter showing the SwiftKey Note by twitter user @evleaks, which clearly indicates that SwiftKey is planning for iOS devices soon. The exact release is still not known to users. For now this superb keyboard app is only available for Android users for $3.99.


Swiftkey is popular among android users for its words correction and correction features and moreover it lets you input words by sliding your finger across the keyboard. Isn’t it amazing?


SwiftKey Keyboard App features:


1. Predicts your next word before you have even pressed a key.
2. It gives faster, easier and more personalized type experience.
3. It provides next word prediction in 61 languages.
4. Enable up to three languages at once.
5. It lets you type full sentences without lifting your finger from the screen.



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