AppDirect Acquires Data Visualization Company Leftronic

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AppDirect Acquires Data Visualization


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AppDirect has acquired Leftronic to Deliver Fast Access to Data and Analytics Dashboards for App.


Leftronic is a data visualization company that allows companies to develop personalized analytics dashboards visualizing critical details. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. AppDirect offers cloud based service marketplace and management platform that enables companies to distribute web-based services. AppDirect is headquartered in San Francisco with global offices.


“Today’s business software is more powerful than ever before, but the true power lies in the ability to see the data that impacts your company and understand how to use it to make better strategic decisions,” said Daniel Saks, co-CEO of AppDirect. “Now, AppDirect and Leftronic can work together to ensure business data in our network and marketplaces is easily accessible. By bringing both the management and monitoring of business apps to our platform and network of marketplaces, we’re truly enabling the business dashboard of the future and making data an essential part of the cloud services commerce experience.”


According to reports Leftronic had raised $500,000 in funding and on the other hand, AppDirect recently raised a $35 million round of funding. After this acquisition, AppDirect will provide a single platform to users to buy, manage, and monitor business apps from one location. Businesses will now be able to measure the performance of apps in their AppDirect-powered marketplaces as written in a blog post, “Through the acquisition, AppDirect will provide the only platform to find, buy, manage, and monitor business apps from one location. Businesses will have access to easy-to-use tools to monitor the performance of apps in their AppDirect-powered marketplaces. Leftronic will also be able to extend its KPI monitoring platform to offer powerful identity, billing and application management features. This will provide Leftronic customers with a single location to monitor, as well as manage all of their cloud services.”


Leftronic will continue to operate independently while combining its technology to AppDirect. “At Leftronic, we are passionate about helping users create a data-driven culture where everyone understands the key performance indicators that drive their business,” said Leftronic co-Founder and CEO, Rajiv Ghanta. “We have seen firsthand how easy access to real-time metrics can transform companies, and we are thrilled to work with AppDirect to expand our impact to even more businesses around the globe.”



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