Best Android Apps for 2016-2017 Stored in Play store

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With apps raining continuously all over the Play store it often seems a dilemma to choose and download the ones you actually need.

We have compiled a list of 10 best Android apps any user desires.These sorted apps range from various background intended to serve genre of large amount of user.

Here are 10 best featured Apps in 2016

1. Avast Antivirus & Security (free with in-app purchases)


With it’s PC counterpart one of the best free antiviruses of 2015.This App is loaded with plenty of additional features as in-app purchases, including geofencing and remote data recovery making it powerful and promising app to consider in top spot of our list


2. Greenify (free)


Battery is an important parameter to consider hence Lollipop may has its own set of battery-saving tools, and every phones now offer power-saving modes but these would be good as a last option.

Greenify sits in the background to monitor how much battery various apps are using. It freezes the apps you ask for when you don’t require them, and instantly defrosts them when you need to gain access.


3. Tasker (£2.99)


Tasker is a brilliant way of automating functions normally done manually. It’s scope is enormous – especially if you have root access on your phone.

4. Opera Max (free)

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Everytime you might not be lucky to have unlimited data.This is where Opera Max comes and solves your problem. It reduces the size of images and videos, speeds up website load times, and typically saves you from around a third to almost half of your general data use.


5. Pocket (free)


Like an article but don’t like to read it now due to an important meeting within few minutes or any such situation or your internet connection is a bit slow. Just pocket it for later using the Pocket App.The importance of this app will be realised when you are travelling as it will fill the space in your journey


6. WifiMapper (free)


Is your mobile data restricted the next option is free Wif now finding Free WIfi if seems like a task. you can go for WifiMapper app which ensure you correct current locations out there offering free Wifi .WIfiMapper sounds cool alternative for your data plan.


7. Fenix for Twitter (£3.99)

We all appreciate slick Material Design interface that is totally customisable and equally responsive, this is the app for every self-proclaimed Twitter addict. Spend a couple of hours using Fenix and your Twitter productivity will surpass your expectations.


8. Prisma (free)


The very happening app of 2016 is Prisma .This app Artifice your Selfies by turning them into a different version of you, good for sharing with your friends and followers. Give it a shot to explore it further


9. Vine (free)

Crisp yet Complete videos is what Vine offer and delivers the same .These chunks of 6 sec clips offered by Vine ensure you can watch a lot more than usual while broadening your horizon of interest


10. WhatsApp (free)

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World’s most trusted cross browser chatting platform updated with a new interface. Make voice calls or send video clips, pictures, audio or text messages.( It’s everything you need to replace tired old SMS and MMS services). It’s flexible design ensures your communication is not only fast but also equally interactive in comparison to SMS or MMS service.


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