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Introduction to SCSS (Sassy CSS) and SCSS Functions

SCSS (Sassy CSS) and SCSS Functions

CSS is a powerful language used for making creative and attractive websites. Sassy CSS (SCSS) adds some powerful benefit to CSS that makes it more fantastic language by extending CSS and adding great features such as variables, mixins, nesting and much more. SCSS extension, i.e, file ending with “.scss” allows for more concise styling along with CSS. SCSS is the syntax for Sass. Every valid CSS3 stylesheet is a valid SCSS file with the same meaning and it extends all the features and functionality of CSS.



5 Useful CSS Tips and Tricks


Here are some simple yet effective and useful CSS tips and tricks for beginners.



Essential Web Design Tips

Having a good-looking and attractive professional website is a key to success for every small business owners. A well design and maintained website is important for all kind of business. Having a website for your business is best method for your users and visitors to find you.  With a website, business owners can generate direct and viral traffic from people who want to know more about their products and services. (more…)

CSS tips for Beginners

Here are some simple yet effective CSS tips for beginners.


Use consistent naming convention in programming to easily understand the source code

In computer programming, naming convention might be considered as a set of rules for choosing the identifiers to denote variables, types and functions & methods names in source code and project documentation. The purpose for using this naming convention is only to reduce the effort needed to read and understand the source code and to also to enhance the code appearance by using appropriate and concise keys.


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