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Next Series of iPhone , iPhone 7 is all set to reset the existing idea of excellence it has been officially launched yesterday at an Apple event in California.


Apple has updated iphone 7 sufficiently to deliver 40% faster CPU performance along with 50% faster graphics performance than their previous editions is what they claim. Most exciting feature is traditional headphone socket to listen music in iPhone are now part of the past. Now users would enjoy music either with AirPods (wireless Bluetooth headphone ) or wired headphones that would use charging slot of the phone.




  • Optical zoom at 2x and Digital Zoom up to 10x
  • Shaky hands resulting in blur images won’t be a concern anymore due to OIS technology
  • iPhone 7 boasts two 12 megapixel high-speed sensor first one with a wide-angle lens other one packed with a telephoto lens for superior zooming
  • Unannounced flickering due to Artificial Light will be resolved with four LED lights


Built Quality

  • Options to choose your favorite iPhone  grew into an array of choices like matte black,high-gloss jet black, gold, silver and rose gold.
  • An all new Force Sensitive Home Button.



  • iPhone 7 will come with a pair of EarPods that connect with charging port along with an adapter that will work with wired headphones
  • Replacing headphone slot with AirPods is a major step towards a wireless future
  • For the first time, iPhone comes with a delightful sound of new stereo speaker system, it’s 2x louder than iPhone 6s and increased dynamic range.



  • iPhone 7 is equipped with a Retina HD display . It is 25% brighter than the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.



  •  iPhone 7 is loaded with the most powerful chip ever in an smartphone which makes it 2x faster than iPhone 6 and longest battery life ever in an iPhone.

Apple iPhone 7 seems to be a trendsetter for upcoming smartphone from their competitors. iPhone 7  is officially priced within the range of 1048$ to 1388$ and iPhone 7 Plus is priced between  1248$ to 1588$ based on their storage capacity . Continue Reading for further details.


Source :-   Latimes.com



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