Google Acquires Drone Company, Titan Aerospace

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Google buys Drone Maker Company, Titan Aerospace which is the manufacturer of solar-powered drones. Earlier Facebook was interested to acquire Titan Aerospace but it has decided to acquire rival drone-maker Ascenta instead.


According to Google the team of Titan Aerospace will collaborate with the balloon-powered Internet access efforts from Project Loon to solve the global connectivity issue. “Titan Aerospace and Google share a profound optimism about the potential for technology to improve the world,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “It’s still early days, but atmospheric satellites could help bring internet access to millions of people, and help solve other problems, including disaster relief and environmental damage like deforestation. It’s why we’re so excited to welcome Titan Aerospace to the Google family.”


The price of the deal is still not disclosed by either party. The 20-person company will remain in New Mexico Raburn said, with all employees joining Google and the team will work closely with the Google’s Project Loon.


Titan is engaged in developing a variety of solar-powered atmospheric satellites according to the with initial commercial operations scheduled for 2015.


The acquisition report was reported by Wall Street Journal on Monday.


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