Google To Optimise Search Results For Slower Mobile Connections


Google India is planning to optimise search results for slower mobile connections in India. As most of the users are now using their smartphone to access web, so optimised search results is a must need.


According to blog post done in official Google India, “The Internet is a global gathering space of infinite opportunity, where people from around the world can exchange ideas and access humanity’s knowledge. Everyone should have equal access to the Internet’s information to improve their everyday lives, regardless of who they are or where they live.


Increasingly, people in India are accessing the Internet through mobile devices such as their smartphones. However, not all of these devices come with fast, cheap connections. Today, we’re launching a new streamlined version of our search results page in India to help.


Now, we will automatically check to see if a user has a slow wireless connection and deliver a fast loading version of Search. Fewer bytes means you get your answer faster—and cheaper! Google’s high-quality results will remain the same, but elements such as images and maps will only show up when they are an essential part of the result.”


Google will provide its users the optimised version of the search results page in India. This will ensure optimised search results with fast loading time. Google will check automatically if a user has a slow internet connection on their mobile phones, and accordingly deliver a faster loading compressed version of Search with images and maps kept out of the results unless necessary.


Users are expecting that this initiative by Google will surely help the Android One platform.