How Online Retailers and Web Stores Boost their Business through mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) and Android App Development Initiatives

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The comfort in life nowadays is basically contributed to sprawling mobile apps around us. People with their on the go attitude desire their concern to be resolved on their palms where mobile apps are helping them out. Dynamism that Mobility boasts enable retailers earn that extra profit that was missing with traditional ways to conduct business. They can find and furnish anything with an app.


m-commerce is not any different from e-commerce rather it’s a genuine subgroup involving more use of smartphone or tablets than a desktop or a laptop.

E-commerce is the next wave of innovation where, m-commerce is its updated version. M-commerce built success stories for many companies like Amazon, eBay, Starbucks, Reevoo, The Hunt  etc. This is where mobile app development companies comes into picture. But following these big brands blindly is not worth. Simply  creating new mobile app will not  help you get a good business, but you need to develop a good and user-friendly app, with easy functionalities at the same time keeping in mind basic concerns of the user.


Below points will help you to know how mobile commerce helps online retailers and web stores:


Mobile app –

  • Helps in location-based marketing.

  • Attracts customers with offers like reward points, and discounts.

  • Improves customers’ loyalty.

  • Controls the business cost.

  • Helps manager to keep an eye on the stocks available, so out-of-stock will never happen.

  • Also helps manager to make faster and smarter decisions, as he/she will always be updated with the latest information.


In developing economies where wired internet or a computer system penetration is low, accessing internet is difficult. With the help new age smartphone mostly Android based phone, which are available at a bare minimum price of $40-50 as well hardware barrier is broken it has resulted in rapid increase of internet connectivity, resulting in more demand and usage of mobile data.


With cheaper yet faster data plans and affordable devices ( phones) people are able to access internet frequently. This has bought a revolution for  online retailers in order to reach more people geographically as well as demographically. Online retail apps have enabled users from remote areas as well as to access same range of products as their urban counterparts and getting product in hand is now much more easy.


From retail point of view , mobile app has made a large and diverse market available to them at a much lower investment than brick and mortar model.


Apart from that some basic advantages of mCom.

  • The portability of handheld devices helps the user to buy or purchase anywhere and anytime

  • Reliability of high speed internet connections with 3G, 4G, and WiFi.

  • Time efficient: Mobile phones are mostly switched on and easily accessible.

  • Mobile web and native apps provide more touch points for sellers to connect with the consumer, increasing the chance of a transaction.

  • With Square, NFC, Google Wallet and Apple Pay, users and consumers have the liberty to transform their mobile into a substitute for wallet.


More than 2 billion people are currently prefer smartphone to access internet than any other device around the world. More than 60% of online purchases take place on smartphones over desktops. 78% buyers happily claimed they would rather access their favorite shopping sites via a mobile rather than using desktop websites. These facts reflects the importance of online shopping apps in developing online shopping business.


If you are serious about the performance of your online business and want to attract more consumers, convert it to an app today as it can do wonders to your sales and public image.


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