Meta Officially Launches Threads App: New Text-Based Conversation App

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On Wednesday, Meta officially introduced Threads, a new app designed to provide a platform for real-time online conversations. This functionality has long been a core selling point for Twitter. The app shares several similarities with Twitter, including its layout and product description. 

Meta launches threads app

“The vision for Threads is to create an option and friendly public space for conversation,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Threads post following the launch. “We hope to take what Instagram does best and create a new experience around text, ideas, and discussing what’s on your mind.”

Zuckerberg said on his verified Threads account that the app passed 2 million sign-ups in the first two hours and on Wednesday, he wrote that Threads “passed 5 million sign-ups in the first four hours.”

As “Instagram’s text-based conversation app,” the app is clearly a copy of Twitter. Users can create “Threads” that other users can respond to, and Threads from followers will be displayed in a main timeline.

The connection between Threads and Instagram created by Meta, instagram usernames port over to threads, and users can follow the same users they follow on Instagram.

Because of the ease of onboarding due to Instagram integration, threads have the potential to replace Twitter. Posts on threads can be up to 500 characters long and can include images, videos, and links.

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