Microsoft launches OneNote for Mac free

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Microsoft has released OneNote for Mac, a cloud-based note taking platform on Monday. Both Mac and Windows versions of OneNote is available to its users for free.


Microsoft OneNote offering includes a free version of OneNote for Mac, a free version of OneNote for Windows, and a new cloud API for first- and third-party apps to communicate directly with OneNote.


OneNote for Mac includes the collapsible ribbon interface and the same note-taking functionality. “It’s designed for personal and school use, it’s totally ad-free and there’s no limit on how long you can use it because it’s not just a trial,” Microsoft said in a blog post, “Everything you create in the free PC and Mac clients are synced to OneDrive, so you can access them from your phone and tablet too.”


Earlier the full version of OneNote was available only to the users who paid for the full Office Productivity suite of software. OneNote for Mac is available for free on all the platforms including PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android and the Web. Also they are always in sync.


Cloud API service for OneNote enables any application to connect to it. Some apps are already available including:


1. OneNote Clipper for saving web pages to OneNote
2. for emailing notes to OneNote
3. Office Lens for capturing documents and whiteboards with your Windows Phone
4. Sending blog and news articles to OneNote from Feedly, News360 and Weave
5. Easy document scanning to OneNote with Brother, Doxie Go, Epson, and Neat
6. Writing notes with pen and paper and sending them to OneNote with Livescribe
7. Mobile document scanning to OneNote with Genius Scan and JotNot
8. Having your physical notebooks scanned into OneNote with Mod Notebooks
9. Connecting your world to OneNote with IFTTT


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