10 Mobile App Maker Platforms to build your own App


Do you want to build your own mobile app? Below are some of the best mobile app maker platforms to build your own mobile apps and grow your business


1.  AppMachine


AppMachine is a platform to build native app for both iOS and Android. Using this any business can design and develop their own custom app with or without coding.


2.  Taplytics


The Taplytics platform is a native mobile A/B testing solution for web developers.  It’s a best-in-class tool for mobile A/B testing.


3.  Appery.io


Appery.io, developed by Exadel is a cloud-based mobile app builder platform that developers can use to create apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. It includes Apache Cordova (Phone Gap) with access to its built-in components.


4.  AppMakr



AppMakr enables anyone to build rich content based apps using a point and click solution. It creates app in minutes, monitor the download of your app, alert your users with in-app messages, allow you to play the podcast from within the app.


5.  App Factory

App Factory

The App Factory is a cross-platform app-creation platform that allows content developers to build great-looking apps in minutes. You just need to enter your website or feed URL, upload your logo, choose your colors, all done.


6.  BiznessApps


BiznessApp is the fast & easy way for small businesses to make Mobile Apps. It provides several features including shopping cart, food ordering, loyalty programs, dynamic content, third party integration and much more.


7.  Appsme


Appsme is a platform to build fully customizable app in few minutes using native apps for iPhone and Android, and optimized mobile websites for other platforms.


8.  Appy Pie

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is the rapidly growing cloud based DIY Mobile App Builder that allows its users to create an app for Windows 8 Phone, Android & iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones with little or no programming skills.


9.  appsbar


appsbar is an app making platform that lets allow developers to create native Android apps and HTML5 apps for iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.


10. TheAppBuilder


The appbuilder is the world’s leading mobile app platform that requires very minimum IT  resources from your side. It supports native iPhone, iPad and Android, with updates becoming live within few seconds of submitting a change.