Google empowers PageSpeed Insights with Real World Data

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PageSpeed Insights

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Google is determined to provide developers highly accurate recommendation based on real time data. They have recently announced the data from the Chrome User Experience Report will be used by PageSpeed Insights to enhnace the accuracy of recommendations. PageSpeed Insights have also been modified to be close enough with real-world data.

This data from Chrome User Experience Report will be used in determining the page load speed.

There will new parameters included in  PSI report


  • Speed Score – Based on median of First Contentful Paint (FCP) and DOM Content Loaded (DCL) if both these metrics remain in top one-third of their category then the page is amazingly fast.

  • Optimization Score – It will classify page as either Good,Medium or Low on performance behalf. It is useful in considering that developer don’t want to experiment with UI and functionality of the page and will keep it as existing.

  • Page Load Distributions– It will describe about distribution of a particular page  FCP and DCL events inside a data set. Upon comparison to all the events in Chrome User Experience Report. they r further categorised as Fast (top third), Average (middle third), or Slow (bottom third).

  • Optimization Suggestions enlists all best practices that  need to be implemented to this page. They will be hidden provided your page is sufficiently fast.

  • Page Stats – Another important element to describe all the bytes consumed by the page and its comparison to the median number of round trips and the bytes used in the dataset. This will be help the developers in determining that page can be even faster if functionality and appearance of page is enhanced


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