Skype’s Real Time Translation to Connect Users Globally

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skype translator

Skype included an interesting new trait into its preview build of the Skype Windows Store app. The latest version of Skype Preview can now translate your communication in real-time using Skype Translator when you call mobile phones or landlines more ever, no Skype required on the other end.


Skype Translator has been developed by the Skype and Microsoft Research teams that combines voice and IM technologies with Microsoft Translator and neural-network-based speech recognition to deliver real time cross lingual communication. Translation works in very similar rather exact way as it does with normal Skype calls. Simply, dial a contact number then reach over to ‘Translator’ option and finally opt for the language.


Skype translator will bring us one step closer to global communication by bridging the vast gap of languages. It has empowered peoples to connect in most fascinating way ever which it truly excellent. With availability of this feature we can speak universally with anyone on planet. Read more

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