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Amazing ‘Night Shift’ Feature Introduced in Apple’s iOS 9.3


Finally, Apple introduces latest version of its iOS 9.3 with many new useful, interesting like screen temperature changer based on time of the day password locks for notes and many more. Night shift, is the biggest player of the update. Some researches show that exposure to bright blue light in the evening can affect your sleeping hours, with this app you can automatically schedule Night Shift to turn on in the evenings.

Let’s take a look on some new cool features of iOS 9.3


Google Released iOS App Testing Tools has been Open Source

iOS testing app

Google reported today that it has publicly released EarlGrey, a bit of programming that developers can use to all the more effortlessly build and run user interface tests on source code for iOS applications. Written in Objective-C, EarlGrey is available now on GitHub under an open-source Apache license.


Apple Remove Apps That Collects Personal Data of Users


Apple is removing several of iOS apps from its store that collects user’s private data. Collecting personal information of user is in violence of company’s privacy policy.


Apple buys GPS firm, Coherent Navigation to improve its mapping service

Apple buys GPS firm

Apple is improving its mapping service by the acquisition of GPS Firm, Coherent Navigation. The tech giant has confirmed that it has bought the high-precision navigation service Coherent Navigation.



Apple confirms they have a Web Crawler – Applebot



Apple has finally confirmed that they have a web crawler, Applebot which is chiefly used for Siri and Spotlight Suggestions.


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