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Top 30 Free Code Editor Every Programmer Should Know

Programming tools

If you have a right tool, Coding becomes like making a bowl of Maggie – this time  we come with  a hotshot list of best code editors for Techies! Most of you would be congenial with coding on computer screen, but what will you do if your html design have a bug and and you don’t have a computer that moment? After viewing this article you can code even on your android device, Yeah Right!

Here are the list of selected code editors for various platforms, Enjoy!


5 Best CSS Tutorials to improve your skills

Best CSS Tutorials


CSS is the acronym for ‘Cascading Style Sheets’ is the web application which is used to give styling to your web pages. CSS is the technology to HTML and XHTML. With CSS you can develop and design extremely beautiful web pages with ease.



Introduction to SCSS (Sassy CSS) and SCSS Functions

SCSS (Sassy CSS) and SCSS Functions

CSS is a powerful language used for making creative and attractive websites. Sassy CSS (SCSS) adds some powerful benefit to CSS that makes it more fantastic language by extending CSS and adding great features such as variables, mixins, nesting and much more. SCSS extension, i.e, file ending with “.scss” allows for more concise styling along with CSS. SCSS is the syntax for Sass. Every valid CSS3 stylesheet is a valid SCSS file with the same meaning and it extends all the features and functionality of CSS.



5 Useful CSS Tips and Tricks


Here are some simple yet effective and useful CSS tips and tricks for beginners.



CSS tips for Beginners

Here are some simple yet effective CSS tips for beginners.