Today Facebook Adds New API to surf Real Time Conversation

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of giant social networking site Facebook is introducing a set of social tool – the Keyword Insights API and the Public Feed API to get some insight into what is hot and trendy on facebook. This will be accomplished by two tools.


One of the tool uses the keywords to track those topics that are more interesting going on Facebook on a worldwide basic. While the other tool will be picking data in statistical form from pages of Facebook. This is done to find out what is newsworthy and trendy going among users on Facebook. It will include searching for user’s demographics concerning the comments givers.


The current television networks that have gotten the licensed tools from Facebook include: Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC News, Sky Television and Slate. The idea behind the whole effort is one of trying to connect the world in a more serious and targetted way. Facebook is planning to make this tool available to more partners in the coming months.


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