Two methods to move your content from old iPad to new iPad

Finally, you bought a brand new and your favorite iPad yesterday, but now you probably want to keep all your data, snaps, videos and best songs from your old iPad to brand new iPad.



Apple offers two ways to move your content from iPad to another – iCloud or iTunes. Let’s see how to move your data between iPad using these two methods.


Method 1 – Using iCloud


To transfer content between iPad using iCloud, you need to have an atleast iOS 5 and an iCloud account.


1. Goto Settings icon from the iPad home screen and turn on iCloud.
2. You can get the option for turning on iCloud Backup is in the Storage & Backup area.
3. Backed up the older iPad’s settings and content to iCloud.
4. Turn on your new iPad Air and goto setup screens.
5. Select an option to restore the data from a previous iCloud backup.
6. Now log in with your iCloud (Apple ID) name and password, and download the backup to the iPad Air.


Method 2 – Using iTunes


1. Take the back up of your old iPad’s contents to the computer by attaching it with the iPad’s USB cable (or sync with iTunes over a Wi-Fi connection). .
2. Open iTunes it if doesn’t open automatically.
3. After iPad icon appears on iTunes, click the summary tab.
4. Now click Back Up Now button
5. Now connect your new iPad to your computer to restore your backup to your new iPad by choosing the most recent backup from the restore menu.
6. Choose the option in the iTunes window to restore the iPad from the previous backup.


Make sure that all data is transffered from your old iPad to new iPad.