Write ‘Clean Code’ to make your code look more elegant, readable and easily understandable

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How to write clean code


1. Practice, practice, practice. And never be satisfied with the first thing that comes to mind. Always search for better ways to write clean and correct code.
2. Improve programming skills not just by reading code, writing code, reading books, watching screenshots and more but by implementing these codes.

3. Watch how smarter people handle mistakes while writing code.
4. Use plenty of white space to clarify code and to make it more readable.
5. Choose variable names and constants that are self-explaining that what they stand for. Use only single letter variables for counting.


Functions are very important for a programmer.


6. A function should have a single purpose.


7. Function names should usually consist of a name and its purpose means a verb and a noun which describe the function’s purpose effectively.


 EXAMPLE: Function is_block()


The above function’s purpose to know whether an item is block or not.


8. Functions which return a single value should generally do this through a return statement, not through the parameter list.
Example: Function is_block()
{Return true; // output
Return false; //output
9. If a function is becoming long/complex, it should be broken into modules.
10. Use functions to reduce redundancy in your programs. If you have three code segments that do nearly the exact the same thing, that code is a good candidate for a function.
11. Every function should contain header that tells of what the function does, what all parameters are used for, and all possible return values. Someone reading your code should not have to search through the function’s body to understand what the function is really doing.
12. Write descriptive comments in code that express the functionality of the section of the code.
Example: // Divide total grades by total students vs. // Compute student grade average


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