5 Bug and Issue Tracking Apps

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These bug and issue tracking apps helps both developers as well as team of developers to debug your project and also use as as project management apps

1. Sifter


1. Issues & Resolution Tracking
2. Bug & Issue Tracking
3. Issue counts provide insight and shortcuts to the most pressing issues.
Price: $29 per month – $149 per month


2 . BugHerd


1. BugHerd lets you quickly see, at a glance, how your project is going and what everyone is working on.
2. BugHerd turns website feedback into clear, consistent tasks with all of the data you need to get the job done fast.
3. Report an issue in seconds


Price: $29 per month (Standard) – $999 per month (Unlimited)


3 . BugDigger


1. Get consistent bug reports
2. Automatic capture of screendump, environment data and web site usage history.
3. Integrate with your bug tracking solution


Price: $19 per month (Team) – $199 per month (Infinity)



4 . BugLogHQ


1. BugLogHQ is a free and open source tool to centralize the handling of automated bug reports from multiple applications.
2. More granular and finer timespan to view received errors.
3. Individual users can now be assigned their own API keys to submit bug reports


Price: Free



5 . FogBugz


1. Creating a detailed project outline is fast and simple in FogBugz
2. Issue and Bug Tracking
3. Customer support including email management, Auto Sort and Snippets


Price: $25 – $30 per user per month, with an optional Server License pack available

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