Add-ons to Add Functionality and Easy Accessibility on Google Docs and Sheets

There is  no doubt Mobile is primary device to consume any form of digital information especially business oriented which can be more user friendly if this can be accessed  from any location. Google considered it important and introduced few Android add-Ons for Docs and Sheets to address your concern and let you enjoy added functionality for your data.

Let’s have a brief Look on these useful add-ons.


You can then sign a document or send it to others to get their signatures. update to the latest version of the DocuSign app on your Smartphone to use this integration you need to select the document from within Google Docs. Choose ‘add-Ons’ from the drop down menu. You will then automatically see the option to use DocuSign to sign or to send for a signature.




Now on app creators can better manage their apps and capture data more efficiently. Call phone numbers, view images, drill down on data, and even add new rows directly within the app. Sheets can have a companion AppSheet app which can also be created using this add-Ons.




Update advanced dashboards, reports and graphs on Sheets without hassle by importing  your CRM data from your Android device. Basically you need to install the ProsperWorks Customer Report Builder add-on, download the Google Sheets Android app, and create a report in Google Sheets that maximizes your ProsperWorks CRM data.

Other cool add-ons include Scanbot, PandaDoc, ZohoCRM, and EasyBib.