Beware of freelancers, what you pay is what you get

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Singsys has several clients got duped by fly by night freelancers at various online meeting places. These guys from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippines offer attractive price and lure innocent non-IT savoy clients in to their trap just to grab $50 or $100 advance payment and after that stop communicating or do a little bit of work and disappear. Some even offer to clone Youtube and Facebook like sites for couple of hundred dollars.

Once must be very careful while choosing their software service provider. A freelancer is basically a part timer who already has a full time job. If he or she can not deliver result, you can do nothing as the guy is far away from your place and has no legitimate business setup. Even law also can not help you much as amount involved is small and no one would ever want to hire a lawyer to get $100 refunded.

A good idea is to always Google for your local web design company with proper office and infrastructure in place so that at least you have a physical person and place to fall on. For example, if you are based in Singapore, it is good to Google for “Web design Singapore” or “Singapore Web Design” or “PHP programmer in Singapore” or “Singapore Web Application Developer“. This kind of search will give you several companies located in your neighborhood and you can easily fix an appointment with their technical sales guy. You should also have your list ready with all the requirements marked clearly. This will help them giving you a fast and accurate quote.

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