Important Features in iOS 8

Important Features in iOS 8

Apple announced iOS 8 with many new features including big announcements about Mac OS X Yosemite, and a new programming language called Swift. Here we will discuss the most interesting features of iOS 8.



How to create & apply role management in C# MVC

When many users developed an application, there are many different type of privileges for them. In short role management is the concept to create users with their specific privileges.


By role management we set group of authenticated users. By role management we can decide what user can show, and which information should be hide from that group.


Best Markdown Tools and Editors

1.  Markdown.css



Markdown.CSS is the CSS to make HTML markup look like plain-text markdown.


Efficient way of parsing and validating JSON


JSON is very familiar for programmers. Basically it stands for JavaScript Object Notation. It is light weighted, well structured. It is also easy to parse and readable. It is a good alternative to XML when we required to get data from server. In this tutorial we will use an efficient way to parse JSON and validate it.


10 Mobile App Maker Platforms to build your own App


Do you want to build your own mobile app? Below are some of the best mobile app maker platforms to build your own mobile apps and grow your business


1.  AppMachine


AppMachine is a platform to build native app for both iOS and Android. Using this any business can design and develop their own custom app with or without coding.



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