15 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers

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Chrome Extensions for Web Designers and Developers


There are hundreds of Chrome extensions available for web designers, they are offering time-saving solutions to many of the design and development issues. In this article we have collected a list of useful chrome extensions for web developers. We hope you will find them very helpful and will help you to get better results.


1.    PHP Console

PHP Console



2.    Instant Wireframe


Instant Wireframe



3.    jQuery Audit

jQuery Audit



4.    Gradient Inspector

Gradient Inspector



5.    Resolution Test

Resolution Test



6.    Window Resizer

Window Resizer



7.    Dimensions




8.    EnjoyCSS




9.    IE tab

IE tab



10. Search Stackoverflow

Search Stackoverflow



11. Type Sample

Type Sample



12. Chrome Logger

Chrome Logger



13. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights



14. Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator



15. Google Font Previewer

Google Font Previewer



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