How to close the jQuery popup in PHP

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Sometimes it may be needed that you need to give a close link in the popup you created. We have shared the function for how to close the popup in jQuery after submitting the form.

If you want to track conversion of contact us page by defining its Thank You page then also this function will help you.


If you want to redirect the page to somewhere else then use this function like this:


Core PHP




_redirectJs(‘controller/function’) OR
if you have defined url in route file


jquery function is as follows:

function _redirectJs($tourl = ”) {
if ($tourl == ”) {
$tourl = ‘home’;

$script = ‘<script type=”text/java
var local = location.pathname.split(“/”);
local.pop(); // remove the filename
local = location.protocol+”//”+location.hostname+””+local.join(“/”);
top.location.href = local;
echo $script;




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