Cloud Architecture flexibility to leverage Mobile App development

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Mobile cloud architecture is unconditionally a necessity for any business.Cloud and mobile devices represent a major revenue opportunities that require equal support of cloud and mobile devices aka synergetic relationship.




Mobile development focus on easy to use features as well as they are clutter free since the space on mobile screen is limited.Mobile updates show up at such pace one need to have prompt mindset.

To hire an experienced mobile developer is expensive and a bit difficult.Training Program for existing developers involve time and money at the same time it is a challenge.

Now arrives the importance of Cloud Architecture.Cloud Architecture in General is very popular owing to it speed,convenience and an array of services offered by cloud providers.Cloud also cut short operating expenses through outsourcing daily infrastructure operations to a service provider.Cloud basically is capable of bringing a paradigm shift by allowing  IT to shift from operation oriented to innovation oriented through latest products and services instead of just daily operations.


Cloud allows or it makes it easier to deploy new versions, to have parallel release tracks because the cost of infrastructure and the friction of deploying new infrastructure is so low, it makes it quite easy to spin up new machines, to test new versions.


Cloud enables to deploy new version with parallel release  as the cost of infrastructure is quite low making it easier to  test new versions also have multiple versions in parallel.Cloud  Scalability is very important for mobile devices due to a lot of mobile services discovered ,the usage is moving up very fast .Apart from usual virtual servers and storage, various type of databases, identification and authorization services, big data and business analytics cloud provides a rich set of back-end services .When we consider mobile there are  a bunch of features like automatic device synchronization, integration with authentication platforms, and even device testing platforms.



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