Useful Code Snippet Repositories and Resources for Developers

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Dealing with code requires hard work and a lot of patience. One of the best reasons to use Code Snippet tools is that they save your lots of time when creating a website. In this article I have collected a list of best Code Snippets Resources and Repositories for developers. I hope you’ll find them useful for your next web projects.


1.    Google Code

Google Code


2.    StackOverflow




3.    PHP Classes

PHP Classes



4.    Dzone Snippets

Dzone Snippets



5.    Github : Devtools Snippets




6.    CSS Tricks

CSS Tricks



7.    Code Project

Code Project



8.    Dev Snippets

Dev Snippets



9.    Emoticode




10. Open Hub

Open Hub



11.  Php Snips

Php Snips



12.  Codase




13.  Bootsnipp




14.  Code Codex

Code Codex



15. Dotnet Slackers

Dotnet Slackers

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