Email “Spoofing” and “Phishing” – How it is done and how to identify spoofing Emails

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E-Mail Spoofing is the biggest threat now-a-days because anybody can send you an e-mail saying “You have won millions of dollars” or “You are hired by MICROSOFT, GOOGLE, or FACEBOOK, etc”. It is also used in phishing as attacker can send you an e-mail saying that anybody sends you a friend request and you just click on it and it asks for login-id and password and instantaneously obtaining your confidential information. It could be serious issue if scammer does this with an intention of hacking your accounts.


“Spoofing” and “Phishing” Emails – How it is done?


Note: This is for education purpose only. Do not commit any cyber crime.


Step 1: Go to link .

Step 2:  Enter the From Name field. For example: Mail from “Microsoft” .

Step 3: Enter the From E-mail field. For example: .

Step 4: Enter the E-mail id you want to send the in To field. For example

Step 5: Enter the Subject field. For example: Microsoft hires you.

Step 6: Upload any file you want or just leave it.

Step 7: Enter the text that you want to enter in Text field. For Example: Just Joking.

Step 8: Enter the right captcha and send it.


How to identify a Phishing or Spoofing Emails to know whether it is from real mail server or fake mail server.


How to know the mail you received is from real source or a fake one?  You can easily trace this by following this simple method –


Step 1: Open your Gmail account and then open the mail to know whether it’s from fake sender or not.

Step 2: Click on the drop arrow button and there will be many options. From that option click on “show original”.

Step 3: A new tab will appear on browser.  Open that tab and copy all the text from there and open this link

Step 4: Open the link and paste the text.

Step 5: Click on start tracing button and you can easily trace spoofing Emails.

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