Google brings add-on stores for Google Docs and Sheets

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Today Google has launched add on stores for Google Docs spreadsheet and Word processor apps. To browse add on you just need to “Get add-ons” in the Add-ons menu of any document or spreadsheet.


The store currently features near about 50 add-ons and more can be available in coming days. “To help take some of that work off your shoulders, today we’re launching add-ons—new tools created by developer partners that give you even more features in your documents and spreadsheets” Saurabh Gupta, a Google product manager, wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.


To browse through the list of available add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets, you need to select Get add-ons in the Add-ons menu of any open document or spreadsheet. (Add-ons for spreadsheets are only available in the new Google Sheets). Once you have installed an add-on, it would be available across all of your Google documents or spreadsheets.


List of few available add- ons are:


1. Merge by Mail Chimp: Lets you send email directly from Google doc to email addresses stored in a Google sheet.

2. Gliffy Diagrams: Create professionally looking diagram quickly and easily in Google Docs.

3. Maps for Docs: This add on will insert a Google Map in your currently open doc.


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