Google Introduces Carousel Search on Mobile

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Carousel Search

Google has introduces a new feature, Carousel search on mobile that will highlights the topics such as recent articles, news etc. based on your search topic.

With Carousel search users can quickly navigate to topic based content on their mobile devices. This update by Google was also announced in a blog post, “Whether you’re looking for the latest clips from The Daily Show, news about the possibility of Greece leaving the Eurozone, or highlights from today’s Panthers game against the Canadiens, it can be hard to sift through all the great videos, articles and more out there to find what interests you. Now, if you search on Google on your mobile, you’ll see the freshest, most relevant content from within a single website grouped together in one easy-to-scan place.


When you search for a topic, just scroll down to see a “carousel” of recent articles, videos or more on that subject. Tap any link to read or watch exactly what you’re interested in. For example, if you search for NPR, you’ll see links to all their latest articles and videos. Search for the Knicks to browse content from their site as well as videos and news from ESPN or Bleacher Report.”


While looking for any topic on mobile search, if you are unable to view the new carousel feature then don’t worry, Google will make available this feature for many more sites soon. The user can tap on any link available under carousel search to read or watch what he or she is interested in.


This new feature will give the better search and navigation experience to its users.



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