Hyderabad Born, Satya Nadella named Microsoft new CEO

Satya Nadella named Microsoft new CEO


Microsoft search for new CEO ends at Satya Nadella as Microsoft has declared Satya Nadella as its new CEO. Satya Nadella has joined Microsoft 2 years ago, he says “Many companies aspire to change the world. But very few have all the elements required: talent, resources and perseverance. Microsoft has proven that it has all three in abundance.”




Satya Nadella will be the third CEO in Microsoft’s, after Ballmer and cofounder Bill Gates. “Having worked with him for more than 20 years, I know that Satya is the right leader at the right time for Microsoft,” Ballmer said in a statement. “I’ve had the distinct privilege of working with the most talented employees and senior leadership team in the industry, and I know their passion and hunger for greatness will only grow stronger under Satya’s leadership.”




Satya Nadella is working in Microsoft for than 20 years and has always given his best possible efforts and contribution to company’s success. Nadella was the executive vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group. In an email to employees, by Nadella says “It reminds me of my very first day at Microsoft, 22 years ago. Like you, I had a choice about where to come to work,” he wrote. “I came here because I believed Microsoft was the best company in the world… I knew there was no better company to join if I wanted to make a difference. This is the very same inspiration that continues to drive me today.”




Nadella is born in 1967 in India and he has studied Electrical Engineering at the Mangalore University before moving to the US to study computer science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Playing Cricket was Nadella’s passion he says “I think playing cricket taught me more about working in teams and leadership that has stayed with me throughout my career.”