iOS Google Search App now Responds to ‘OK Google’ Command

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Recently Google has released the update of its iOS Google Search App. It is known as ‘OK Google’ that allow to search handsfree with the app plus a lot more. It gives its users an option to set reminders, notifications, searches and alerts.



Users on an iPad or iPhone can use the famous “OK Google” command using which users can sets reminders, alerts and can run searches handsfree i.e without a keyboard.


Its Features are :


1. It now allows notification service that user can set up in case they have any important business meeting, important task to be done or notification about any appointment or events.


2. Users can easily set reminders for their necessary tasks and Google will notify users when they are near the location for that particular task. It will trigger the alerts when you reach near the location


3. When OK Google app is open on your iPhone and iPad just say out loud “OK Google” to ask any question and get instant answers spoken back.


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