Lenovo Launches ‘Yoga’ Android Tablet

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Recently Lenovo has launched ‘Yoga’ Android Tablet with curved handle and 18 hours of Battery at an event in Los Angeles.



The latest Yoga tablet has a unique cylindrical handle that can be used in different ways. Yoga tablet has three different models which is similar to its Windows 8 Yoga laptop. This tablet comes in 10 inch and 8 inch variant with relatively lower prices. Lenovo said it wanted to do something that would help make its device stand out from all other tablets that look similar in all ways. Magnesium body on the 10-inch model weighs a modest 600 grams (1.3lbs), while the 8-inch frame costs 400 grams.


The most outstanding feature of Yoga tablet is it comes with Curved handle giving your hands something smooth and easy to handle feel and has a longer battery life than any other tablet in the market i.e 18 hours.


Lenovo product Engineer, Kutcher said “When you look at this you say, this doesn’t look like anything else on the market”.


Some major unique features of this tablet includes Small Kickstand, microSD slot under the kickstand, Rear camera on the back of the cylinder, Front-facing stereo speakers, 16GB of storage in both the models and 1,280 by 800-pixel touchscreen.



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