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Android App User friendly

Performance of the app is very crucial when it comes to building good user impression and branding. In case if a new user stumbles upon an issue it is highly unlikely that he will return soon or ever. Page load time of less than 2 sec can ensure delightful user experience that is error free which eventually guarantees high conversion rate.


1. Use icons from the single icon set
It is necessary to not use elements from two or more icon packs within a single app only if same designer is behind them who has employed the same style. Google’s icon pack has plenty and diverse icons to solve your purpose moreover, they have a consistent style. You can always prefer Roman Nurik’s Android Asset Studio to make your icons suitable for every screen size.


2. Prefer the Material Design-designated Keylines
The interesting thing about grid lines is instant professional and minimalist look that eliminates any mess of text or images even if you don’t control the height or width of the content but try to make your padding and margins in a multiple of 8dp.


3. Smart Use of Color
Color is everybody’s favourite but when it suits the theme and layout of your android application. and colourlovers are two excellent sites that provides ready-made palettes. I would suggest you to go for best possible option take an inspiring pic of nature and squeeze a palette from it would really help you while designing app for adventure sports lovers.


4. Choose Font Wisely
Font decides depth of your impact over your users. Instead of relying on system to display font to your users try loading your own fonts like your own .otf or .ttf files inside application’s assets/folder and load them with static method Typeface notComicSans = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), “fonts/notComicSans.otf”); textView.setTypeface(notComicSans). Not all great fonts all the languages you may want to include in your app to extend your userbase.


5.  Value Words of your Users
It is highly recommended to listen to your target audience.Sharing words with users not only boost your engagement with them as well as it will positively impact your ratings at app store as you can better work over users feedback


Although there is no fixed formula for developing an excellent android application that renders great performance but keeping in mind above mentioned basic will take you closer towards better fixing issues that create huge gap between you and your target audience. In this manner you can easily improve the user base and boost your brand value


A user friendly and industry ready solution to engage customers and boost your brand online results from set skilled developers, designers who are expert in optimized utilization of the available resources to align client’s idea into a mobile application, web application or an e-commerce solution. Websri follows the same approach and has partnered with multiple Fortune 500 firms to deliver industry oriented web,mobile and e-commerce solution that are always better than before.


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