Mark Zuckerberg Beats Steve Jobs as Worst-Dressed Man in Technology

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was named worst-dressed man in technology by GQ magazine, beating out Apple’s Steve Jobs and proving that astronomical sums of money can’t buy style.

Zuckerberg hit the top spot in the tongue-in-chic survey because of his casual, forever-collegiate wardrobe of ill-fitting hoodies, jeans, t-shirts and Adidas sandals, which GQ called a “fresh-from-Stats-class look.”

The CEO is “oblivious to the fact that jeans and ties come in skinny sizes — or that suits exist.” Zuckerberg has donned suit jackets in the past, such as when he met with President Barack Obama for a tech summit with major technology executives, but stuck with his trademark jeans even on these special occasions.

The social network CEO’s style has even inspired a mock fashion line, Mark by Mark Zuckerberg, “which thankfully doesn’t sell any actual clothing,” according to GQ.

Zuckerberg managed to beat out Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who took second place in GQ’s poll. Jobs was criticized for his trademark uniform of “black turtleneck, dad jeans and Seinfeld kicks,” which the magazine said was a “style blunder no AutoCorrect can fix.”

“Apple releases an iPhone every 0.5 seconds,” said the magazine. “Steve Jobs never gets an upgrade.”

Taking third place was Microsoft founder Bill Gates, which GQ took down for his “lazy preppy” wardrobe.

“Curious how Harry Potter will age post-Hogwarts?” GQ said. “When you’re Scrooge McDuck rich, a snazzy ensemble isn’t tops on your to-do.”

Other high-ranking tech executives who made the GQ worst-dressed tech list were HTC CEO Peter Chou, with his penchant for loose, high-waisted jeans; Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, who apparently dresses like a fisherman; and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, who stepped over the “fine line between looking ‘artsy’ and uncomfortable.”

Of course, Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates and other tech leaders probably are too busy guiding world-changing technology companies to make style much of a priority. They can take consolation in their personal wealth — Zuckerberg’s fortune, for example, was recently estimated to be at least $18 billion. Fashion arbiters would probably suggest, however, that a bit more of it go to spiffing up his wardrobe.

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