Minimum Valuable Product importance in Mobile App Development

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The core concept of MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) is a product needs to be rebuild unless it cannot be made any better. MVP has gained immense credibility in Mobile App Development. It is like get something to market as early as possible so real people can use it and based on their feedback and experience further features are added.

While creating the MVP it is important to

  • Test your MVP with users to obtain a feedback
  • Scale the value of MVP into a fully functional product on behalf of data analysis and user feedback
  • Employ Lean UX to put MVP together and improve product and thereby strengthen stakeholder interest.

Parameter that would decide the success level and reach of your product are:

  • Is the app native,cross platform or hybrid.
  • Which is most suitable platform Android, iOS or Windows.
  • Is target audience global, local, or restricted to specified geographical location.
  • What device you prefer to run your app on.


The Launch of Product

After the development of minimum viable mobile app it is time to launch it and gather valuable feedback to decide enhancement to the product and what more functionality need to be added to provide user friendly experience. the data is analyzed based on following

  • Identification of mobile application strengths.
  • Identification of weakness and missing attributes.
  • In-depth analysis of user feedback.


As it is obvious user tend to first point out some bad about your app than to come up with something good so is every feedback needs to be reviewed thoroughly before determining the product viability. In this manner MVP helps in providing better rather accurate insights in determining if you have a viable product or you need to go back and start over.

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