Mozilla’s Maiden Augmented Reality App WebXR Viewer available on iOS

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Mozilla AR App


Mozilla the development team behind the popular Firefox web browser have recently released its very first augmented reality app for iOS. After the rise of Virtual Reality, it seems Augmented Reality is speeding up in the technology world as well and there are different implementations of the technology in various fields already available. They are planning to launch a platform for developers to deliver augmented reality experience using open web technologies, WebXR, and Apple’s ARKit framework.


mozilla augmented reality

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The WebXR API provides multiple ways for these technologies to explore the different dimensions of reality in and around the user. It is designed so that web developers can easily develop web applications that can easily adapt to the capabilities of every platform. These application run in WebVR- and AR-enabled browsers, including desktop Firefox and experimental browsers such as one supporting ARCore on Android.


Their  WebXR Viewer  is an open-source and uses ARKit to implement AR support and soon you will be able to download it from iTunes. An interesting fact about it is you can compile it on your own if you have an iOS developer account. They have announced to offer support for more browsers in near future and invited users to enhance their effort by providing feedback on the proposal at GitHub.


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