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Mozilla’s Maiden Augmented Reality App WebXR Viewer available on iOS

Mozilla AR App


Mozilla the development team behind the popular Firefox web browser have recently released its very first augmented reality app for iOS. After the rise of Virtual Reality, it seems Augmented Reality is speeding up in the technology world as well and there are different implementations of the technology in various fields already available. They are planning to launch a platform for developers to deliver augmented reality experience using open web technologies, WebXR, and Apple’s ARKit framework.


Mozilla Launches an Android App, Webmaker for Generating Content in Local Languages



Nine months since it was reported, Mozilla’s Webmaker application for creating content in local languages has now arrived on Google Play — currently though in beta version.


Mozilla is Launching a New Browser for Developers



Mozilla has announced that it will launch new browser for developers on November 10 described as “built by developers for developers”.