Mozilla Launches an Android App, Webmaker for Generating Content in Local Languages

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Nine months since it was reported, Mozilla’s Webmaker application for creating content in local languages has now arrived on Google Play — currently though in beta version.


The association’s Webmaker system was launched in 2012 to let users over the globe make websites and mobile applications effortlessly. The Android application is constrained to making content with just normal text and pictures, for example, photograph displays, pics and scrapbooks.


Start up the application to make a new project and you’re given a pack of blank pages. You can include content, photographs from your camera or pictures from your display and move them around to share a story or offer a thought.


When your project is ready or created, you can view it to different users who can see and “remix” them into their own particular manifestations.


Webmaker is still all that much in beta and will require a considerable measure of work before its prepared for prime time. The interface isn’t precisely instinctive and there aren’t any layouts to work with, so you’re left to figure how to utilize it by own. With Webmaker’s blank canvas approach, that could be an issue for beginners.


Including content and pictures feels inconvenient and there aren’t numerous options to figure out your content, similar to a cropping tool for pictures. Mozilla says the application has been tried broadly by volunteers in Bangladesh, Kenya, Brazil and India


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