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Multi Platform UI toolkit


Importance and specialty of different mobile development tools are different. Some might focus on business data security other may find gaming interesting. Several tools enable developers to stick to their favorite language. It is your requirements and goal orientation that determines which cross platform mobile development provides you maximum flexibility to furnish your goal easily and quickly.


Let’s discuss  a few such promising tool to ease multi platform UI development


1- Sencha

This tool is specifically designed for smartphones. It is based on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. It has an array of  built-in components to work efficiently work on all sort of mobile platforms. Applications developed using Sencha work seamless on Android,iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphones. It makes use of hardware acceleration to boost the speed and performance of the app over various platforms. Loaded with easy-to-use API and extensible component models Sencha offers multiple personalization opportunities.


2- Appcelerator Titanium

This tool is an open source development platform that enable creation of native application with help of technologies like HTML, Javascript, CSS. Due to its popularity currently it is first choice of   2.5 million mobile developers. It is capable of accelerating the app development process ddue to it flexibilty towards developer to create an app with few code lines and usually less time. developers can use Appcelerator Titanium to make a prototype to analyse the interaction of user with UI as development phase is quite rapid.


3- Cocos2D

An open source framework to develop gaming applications. The main advantage of  cocos2D framework id for iPhone because both of them are written in objective-C. It is easy to use and supports backward compatibility. Memory handling issue is smartly handled by GL wap buffer which also is useful for integration of 3rd party libraries.


Basic features of cocos2D include the following

-Scene management

-Texture support

-Sprite sheets

-Open GL point recognition

-Touch and sensor support


Developers have the flexibility to choose from the one of the five development platforms available based on their preferred programming language


Cocos2dXNA uses C#

Cocos2d-x uses C++

Cocos2d-JS uses JavaScript

Cocos2d(Python) uses Python

Cocos2d-Swift uses Xcode and Objective-C


4-  Phonegap

It is a  robust back end system that is  both free and open source, it is capable of enormously speeding up the development process thereby, sufficiently reducing developer’s efforts and time. It has a regular web view UI that covers 100% of screen width wise and height wise. It allows you to write an app once and make few minor adjustments to get it up and running on various other platforms easily.

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