React is at Front of Front End Development Know why?

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React Library

React a JavaScript library for building User Interfaces has seen very sharp rise in past 5 years higher than its any other competitor or even few combined, ever wondered what made it so popular so fast and so much.


React enables developers to work with virtual browser that acts as an agent between real browser and developer apart from being fast and friendly. It allows declarative description of UI and model the state of these interfaces so developers simply need to describe interfaces in terms of a final state and no need to describe it over transactions. When transaction happen in that state UI is updated by React.


Being a small API its the core JavaScript skills that will help you to be a professional developer. Let uncover all the reasons for React  popularity. Virtual DOM being one such major reason.

Research has suggested following major factors behind React Unprecedented Popularity


1.Smart Usage of reusable, composable, and stateful components.

Components are used for describing User Interfaces. Functions can be reused as per need and big functions can be created from smaller ones.  a component output is description of User Interface. A single component can be reused in multiple User Interface as well as components can have other components. A full React component can have private state to hold data that can change over time.


2.Nature of reactive updates

When the state of a component or input changes the UI it represents or the output also change. Change of the description of UI is to be reflected at the device. In browser we have to regenerate the HTML views in the Document Object Model (DOM). As far as React is concerned you need not to reflect or manage these changes as React will handle state changes and automatically update the DOM when required.


3.Views Virtual Representation in memory

We write HTML using JavaScript using React. It is JavaScript power on which we depend for HTML generation in spite of enhancing HTML to make it work for data. Like Angular extends HTML with loops and conditionals. On receiving data from server we require something additional to HTML to work on that data which can be resolved either using  an enhanced HTML or using JavaScript to generate HTML. React prefer the second one as in this case advantages are heavier than disadvantages.

The biggest advantage is using JavaScript to render HTML turns it easy for React to hold virtual representation of HTML in memory or  the Virtual DOM. React implements Virtual DOM to render HTML tree and so every time a state change fetch us a new HTML tree that is required to be taken into browser’s DOM therby, instead of writing entire new tree React will simply write the difference between the new and previous tree as React holds both the tree in memory and the process is known as Tree Reconciliation.

React lovers can see this example to know more about React’s reconciliation algorithm


Looking forward to respond to your queries and comments as far React popularity is concerned. Without React or similar libraries it would have been not possible to manually build User Interfaces with native Web APIs and JavaScript.

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